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Lesson & Workshop

Aya Sugino Ikebana provides an integrated lessons & workshops of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. The classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching.

You will learn the rules and techniques for composing shapes in line with Sogetsu Ikebana textbook. It is designed to familiarize you with various kinds of plants to understand their characteristics, and to learn the basic rules and techniques for composing shapes.

You'll take home the floral materials at the end of the lesson and make arrangement again at home along with the passion to make many more delicate creations!

Branch of Flowers

Spring Group Lesson

Date & Time:

Wednesdays: 4/17.   5/1.   5/15.   5/29.   6/12

Session A.   1:00 pm - 2:30 pm    Beginner/Intermediate  Full

Thursdays: 4/18.   5/2.   5/16.   5/30.   6/13

Session B.   10:30 am - 12 pm    Beginner/Intermediate  Full

Fridays: 4/12.   4/26.   5/10.   5/31.   6/14

Session C.   1:00 pm - 2:30 pm   Intermediate/Advance Full 

Saturdays: 4/13.   4/27.   5/11.   6/8.   6/15

Session D.  10:30 am - 12 pm   Intermediate/Advance Full

Session E.  12:30 pm - 2 pm       Beginner/Intermediate  Full

Sundays: 4/14.   4/28.   5/5.   5/26.   6/2 

Session F.   10:30 am - 12 pm    Intermediate  Full

Place: Bayview x Moore

           (Leaside area)


Fee: $275 per session 

(5 lessons, floral material fee included)

* Max.7-8 people per class

* Contact for future group sessions inquiries.

Please specify your preferred days of the week (weekdays/weekends)

*For Beginners class inquiry

Please specify your preferred days of the week (weekdays/weekends) for the waiting list.

More sessions for beginners will be set up based on your inquiries.

Purple Flower

Private Lesson & Workshop

Learn Ikebana whenever you want at your own pace. 

Lesson fee starts from 

$65 per person (group of 5 plus)

$75 per person (group of 4)

$85 per person (group of 3)

$95 per person (group 0f 2)

$110 per person (1 person)

*The price is including floral material fee.

Place: Bayview x Moore (Leaside area) 

or at your place (visiting fee may apply)

*Gift Certificate available for private lesson.


*Workshops are available for your private gatherings or corporate events at your venue.

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